facebook timeline cover : holiday

Oh, what fun it is to design a timeline cover this way! Words of the season dressed in festive fonts mingle amidst a bright background color reminiscent of  December’s jewel. Fonts are Mrs. Eaves and Baker Script who have graciously left room for the addition of a profile photo once on Facebook … voilá! Wishing you and yours a blessed and beautiful holiday season.

baby shower invitations

First comes love, then comes marriage…now comes the baby in the baby carriage! Congratulations to our newlyweds, Jillian and Matt. They are expecting their first baby in June 2012. It was a pleasure creating 30 of these semi-handmade baby shower invitations.  Thank you to my friend, Nancy, who helped with finalizing design details and precisely cut the pinking shear edges to each piece of ‘baby’ blue material. For more information on how I can make invitations like these for your event, email me : bdavidmill@gmail.com. Prices vary based on materials, starting at $7 each, includes envelope.

brian’s rocky road : chocolate design

Homemade Rocky Road is the order of the day. My husband, Brian is making his chocolate debut at our local green grocer, Lillian’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. This delicious chocolate treat is loaded with peanut butter, marshmallows and several other delectable ingredients making it the perfect chocolate choice for you and/or your special someone. For more information on how you can order locally or online, please email Brian Miller: brianmiller.bkm@gmail.com.

auld lang syne : happy new year!

In honor of long, long ago and happy days gone by, this typography poster design represents the neighborhood many of my friends and I grew up in. Each entry is the name of a street that one or more of us lived on as we attended elementary through high school together. This poster is dedicated to those of us who graduated from Hiram Johnson High School, Class of 78 and still enjoy getting together from time to time. Some still live within a 20 minute drive of this hallowed neighborhood and have raised families here. Others, like me, live hundreds of miles away, but make a trip back home every so often just to reconnect. To all I take a cup ‘o kindness yet, for auld lang syne. Happy new year!

blog design : gresham high school choirs

Now that Gresham High School has rolled out its new website, it’s each teacher’s job to create and maintain online information accordingly. Some teachers have neither the time and/or the training to put important data online that is visually appealing, easy to follow and simple/quick to do. As a member of the GHS Choir Parents Council, I volunteered to create a blog for our Choral Director, Janine Kirstein. She has so much to share each year with students, parents, staff and peers that it seemed befitting for her to have a detailed online presence. And, for all the parents out there who rarely, if ever, see information sent home — this blog’s for you! Staying on top of choir information is vital to each student’s success.

The Gresham High School Choir blog is designed to inform, inspire and invite followers to see and hear the beauty of vocal arts through the GHS Choral Program. Choosing WordPress for the blog was familiar, convenient and most aesthetically pleasing. The theme, Dusk to Dawn gave Janine her preferred blue background with simple flourishes that exude art and music. Bonus : at the end of each year, the blog can be printed and kept as a nice journal of events.

ecard design : merry christmas!

Had a ton o’ fun taking these photos of our new kitten, Cloud. He was abandoned outside of a local vet’s office back in October. A friend of my son’s from high school who works at the vet surprised us with an introduction to this little 6-7 week old guy. We fell in love with him immediately and watched as he quickly made himself right at home. He is now a permanent family member. Cloud’s favorite perch and napping spot is atop a chair inside a brown fluffy blanket. This is the e-card I sent out to clients and friends.

flyer design : win a vacation!

The Gresham High School Concert Choir headed to Orlando, Florida spring of 2012 to compete in the 2012 Heritage Music Festival! Students sold raffle tickets to raise $$$ to go. Two lucky raffle ticket holders won 7 Days & 7 Nights at the World Mark resort of their choice! For each raffle ticket purchased 100% went into the student trip account. There was no limit to how many tickets one could buy!

Choir students used this flyer to inspire, excite and inform their potential participants and supporters as they each raised money to enjoy and learn from this special musical experience. While creating this flyer, I reminisced about my own high school travels. One trip in particular still stands out above all — when our entire senior class flew to LA to spend the night [11pm-7am] in Disneyland. The park was filled exclusively with pending high school grads from many parts of the west coast. Good times!