wedding invitations

Going to the chapel and their gonna get married… These small wedding invitations are for a small private ceremony that was held in a small chapel in a very small town. Only 30 names are on the guest list. A larger reception was held at a later date. Announcements hit the mail the week following the ceremony. Bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties and a lovely honeymoon were also on the calendar of spring and summer events for this couple. The monogram I designed along with the complete wedding invitation package are a gift to my daughter and her fiancée.

Jillian had a lot of say in how she would like their stationery to look. She chose blue with a pop of pink as her wedding colors, but decided to use only blue for her wedding stationery. We worked together selecting the wording, typefaces, paper and designs. We combined two type families for the script (it took awhile to find just the right  J, C, and M) and used a sans serif for the non-script. Can you name which three fonts were used?

Below are the announcements which were sent out with a photo two weeks after the ceremony. Photo credit goes to Glass River Photography — Aaron did a great job capturing the essence of beauty, simplicity and fun of our happy bride and groom. To see the wedding ceremony photo collage I designed for Jillian and Matt, click here.

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