christmas ecard design

I’ve been saving this photo to use for something wintery and/or Christmas-like. It’s my grandmother’s doily and the photo reminds me of a snowflake. Certainly something wintery — perhaps a Christmas or New Year’s greeting would be most befitting.

During a recent photoshoot, I grabbed this doily to use as a possible element in one of our food shots. We decided not to use it, but a friend of mine laid it out neatly on the light table and took a few pictures. As I watched her excitement about the images she captured, I reflected back on my earlier days of laying items on the glass of a scanner and playing with textures and shapes. This doily’s finer features turned out beautifully on the light table.

I took the original image (top left) into Photoshop and experimented with different filters. Using PS filters such as photocopy and watercolor I was able to create rather diverse renderings and found the two above (right) to be the most appealing.

Below are two designs I’ve started with my new snowflake design in Illustrator for Christmas cards. Which design might you prefer and why?

Thank you to all who commented here on my blog, Facebook and via email. Below is the traditional version of my final design…

7 thoughts on “christmas ecard design

  1. Dona Reasor

    I like the one with the 3 smaller snowflakes with the writing going down the right. I think it will look even better in color. Good job Barb! :-)

  2. Kari Carrithers

    What a cool idea! I love the one with the three small snowflakes and the faded one, too. It reminds me of my mother’s and grandmother’s work and watching them create beautiful pieces of art. Merry Christmas and I’d love to utilize one for my cards.


  3. shirley seatris

    Hi Barb, both are excellent but I love the first one with the dark background, especially if you use a dark blue or something “sky like” to make the snowflake pop.
    You are sooo incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing, I love you!

  4. Joan Ribeiro

    Barb, these are great. The 3 with 1faded is really neat as I’m sure the colors you pick will dazzel it. The words in the middle are fun. What a great gift you have. Merry Christmas,

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