marketing design : business boo!

This little advertising piece was part of a marketing plan to create more awareness about a few local businesses here in Gresham. Each person featured on this promotional handout (we call it a business bookmark brochure) is to hand deliver these colorful, informative, interactive bookmarks while making connections with those who may need one or more of our services listed. Click here to read it page by page.

It’s interesting to watch people interact with this type of piece. First they want to flip the pages, then suddenly realize it’s a slide and fan out process. This little surprise produces a smile that is occasionally accompanied by an ‘ooh’ or ‘aww’! Someone asked if this were five business cards in one — and yes, it is. It’s an expanded version of the standard business card — it holds more information and promotes several businesses cohesively while maintaining the individuality of each.

This was part of my business boo project. Halloween weekend was a good time to assemble and distribute these promotional marketing bundles which  included something sweet. My sweet of choice : Andes Mints and Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Squares. A clear cello bag holds the bookmark and candy quite nicely. The plan is to boo several neighborhood businesses just prior to halloween night. This business bookmark brochure will last long after the halloween treats it comes with are gone!

Many thanks to Home Run Graphics for such great service and printing! Below is a snapshot of the blog homepage to go with:

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 8.09.07 PM

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