logo design : lillian’s

Took this quick pic from my cell phone (my camera got soaked during our vacation at the coast). So exciting to see my most recent logo design transformed into a large exterior sign that sits prestigiously atop its new home. Biggest reward: Lillian is very happy! Her store is coming along beautifully. Grand Opening : August 12, 2010. I’ve made my shopping list already!

This outdoor signage reaffirms good reason to address sizing criteria early on when designing a logo. Will it work 1 inch in size? 10 ft.? How well will it scale up and down? How will the colors live in different environments? This sign is approximately 8-10 feet wide. Nice fit. Green is one of the four colors in Lillian’s color palette. I am particularly pleased to see the logo’s subtitle, Natural Marketplace fit so neatly and cohesively within the rim of the awning as prescribed. Many kudos to Security Signs for its share of inspiration, quality production and install!

 Lillian’s business stationary consist of colorful and informative business cards, letterhead and envelopes. When I presented Lillian with several various designs for her business card she chose her favorite elements out of each and combined them to create her own unique style. Below are the final letterhead, envelope and business card designs.

One thought on “logo design : lillian’s

  1. Denise

    I love the color green that was chosen for the sign and the location of the subtitle. I just recently saw another store sign in Sac using the same color green – However, it doesn’t compare to Lillian’s.

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