local. organic. sustainable. coming soon!

It’s almost here! Gresham’s new locally owned natural marketplace will open this summer! I am excited to have the opportunity to work on the teaser promotions for Lillian’s Natural Marketplace. I enjoy designing for the grocery retail industry and am happy to be back in the food of things. In this case — local, organic, sustainable, natural foods!

The image above is one in a series of several — I say several since the original three, soon became four, then five and…well, you get the idea. All have the same message and design, each with a different rendition of the same color palette. Each help conjure up excitement and anticipation for local food shoppers of Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Troutdale, Fairview and beyond. Font used : Myriad. Window posters, local ads and direct mail pieces are part of this promotional project.

Look for more information about Lillian’s Natural Marketplace on Facebook as it prepares to open its doors and reveal its many local, organic, sustainable treasures — all for you…soon!

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2 thoughts on “local. organic. sustainable. coming soon!

  1. Sara

    Hello I admired these signs when I was driving by before the store was even opened. The ones you choose were perfect…eye catching, earthy, and modern.
    I am so happy to see someone designing out in east county and not including Mt. Hood.

    • barbara davidson miller

      thank you! this was a fun, local and energetic design project that seemed to hit the mark with drive-byers such as yourself. i appreciate your feedback, keep it coming :)

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