graduation announcement : UO

In honor of my daughter’s college graduation this year, I designed and produced this graduation announcement for family and friends. The bonus for the recipient is that he/she can remove the color photo and put it in a frame or wallet while a nice black and white image remains in its place keeping the announcement in tact. The University of Oregon’s collegiate colors of green and yellow honor UO, while the color photo and information honor our very proud and happy graduate in true keepsake form.

Click here for more information on how I can create a unique, personalized and professional invitation or announcement for you.

Graduate Photo Credit  : Lenny Pichette

2 thoughts on “graduation announcement : UO

  1. Kristen

    I was so happy with these it makes me that much more confident in “hiring” you to create all invitations and announcements for my WEDDING!! Hmmm….I’m thinking you could even handle creating some fabulous dinner menus, escort cards, thank you notes, etc, etc, etc…Haha get ready!!

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