delicious dessert design

Strawberries are a seasonal favorite of mine and often, I prefer them dipped in chocolate. White, dark or milk chocolate — whatever I happen to have on hand. Sometimes I make them fancy, today I made them a bit rustic and added a sprinkling of powdered cocoa. I used Wilton’s Candy Melts for the white chocolate and followed their microwave instructions…super easy and delish!

These juicy berry beauties were shot on my kitchen counter with a three-year-old Canon Powershot. I explored color editing options in Photoshop — more lessons are needed to keep me interested in that scenario. I added a vignette and liked the effect this time around. I added a shadow to the type and played with its size and structure to give the heading a juxtaposed balance. Diavlo was the font of choice — it seems to relate well to the tips of the strawberry leaves.

Our family has a rocky road recipe that was passed on to my hub, Brian from his mom and he loves making it. The kids love eating it. Family and friends enjoy it and several have asked for the recipe. In this photo, I added another vignette and used the typeface Smile. It’s sharp, yet harmless edges seem to echo that of the rocky road. When cut into bite size pieces this chocolatey, marshmallowy, nutty confection becomes a means towards instant gratification.

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