theatre poster : noises off

Another poster finalized and ready for print! This one announces Gresham High School‘s spring play and will hang on the walls of GHS and local businesses throughout downtown Gresham. On this project, I had the pleasure of enlisting the skills of a fellow MHCCIM alumni, Vadim Makoyed now of Vadimages. He took my original 2D illustration and added color, light, drama and dimension giving it the ‘pop’ and 3D effect it needed to attract the attention of passers by.

For this project I worked directly with Sara Dempsey, GHS’s Drama Department Director as she shared her vision and goals for the image. Her requests included a full color 11×17 poster featuring an art deco theme, a movie marquee, and dimension with a perspective view.

Starting with a pencil sketch then moving into Illustrator using the pen tool, I arrived at the initial concept and image (below). Once revised/approved, I passed my illustration file on to Vadim and he worked his magic in Photoshop giving this piece a much greater sense of presence and excitement (above).

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