spring plant design

My neighbor, Kathy and I went on a mini nursery field trip yesterday. Mini because we need only stop at one place in Gresham — Al’s Garden Center. They have such a nice selection of beautiful, healthy and thriving plants. Our purpose? To simply play with them. Kathy is a master gardener and is graciously sharing her knowledge about plants and softscaping with me as Brian and I plan to add a bit of curb appeal to the new house this year.

As Kathy and I strolled the aisles sipping on complimentary coffee (perfect on a cold, wet day) I was pulling plants from here and there and nearly everywhere! Kathy let me know which can live nicely where and with whom. She helped me understand the pros and cons of my design desires, praised or politely poo-pooed my poetic pairings and gently critiqued my colorful communes. For me, it’s kinda like playing with fonts, images, and info for an ad or package design or web page — only now I am designing with plants…what fun! The plant photo collage (above) shows just a snippet of the beauties we encountered along the way. I took many photos, using my camera as my plant journal to plan and remember the what goes where with whom.

Time flew and before we knew it, our schedules dictated it was time to leave. As we headed towards the exit, a few plants stayed stubbornly seated in my cart. I could not resist the artichoke plant and had to keep one of my favorite ferns. I also went back and unwedged a few more cohesive ground covers from their flats to complete my arrangements. I can’t wait to bury a few bulbs, sprinkle flower and herb seeds into my stack of saved egg cartons and decide on the best home for my sweet little hens and chicks!!

Below are a few photos which did not make it into the plant collage. I took a few minutes to play with the new slideshow feature from wordpress (still working thru editing options) — I hope WP offers more framing options soon — enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7 thoughts on “spring plant design

  1. Patty Howe

    Wow! Thank you for the wonderful blog about Al’s in Gresham. Your photos are fantastic. We are glad you found some nice plants and thank you for spending time at Al’s!

    Patty Howe
    Al’s Garden Center

    • barbara

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos! I have more — Al’s has such a large variety it was hard to be so selective. I just visited your Sherwood store and it’s amazing and well worth the drive. But, I am very glad to have our little store here in Gresham!

  2. Annie Van Domelen

    This is a beautiful moodboard/collage of plants at Al’s Nursery. Great photographic composition. Love the tight shots, the variety of textures and colors, and adding the little pot “Grown by Al’s” is just precious. They should hire you! You’d be a terrific fit.

    What impresses me about this posting, besides its beauty, is that it takes me back to Al’s. It brings back memories of walking through their nursery, and all the feelings, sights and smells that those memories hold. I think you’ve inspired me to take a little trip out to Sherwood!

  3. Ramona

    As a self-proclaimed “plant junkie” this collage makes me long for these plants for my garden! One of my favorite pastimes to do is to wander in one of my favorite local nurseries and discover new plants to bring home to my garden. The colors of these flowers just pop with rich color!

    • barbara davidson miller

      i agree, such natural beauties make for great seasonal guests or permanent members in one’s garden or landscape. i find it hard to choose just a few. try taking your camera next trip to snap a few pics when inspired, too — makes for great wall art and craft projects :)

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