chocolate truffling

Every fall, I seem to get hit with an insatiable craving for truffles! Here in the Portland area, I satisfy such desires with a little chocolate truffling at Michele’s Chocolate Truffles. Creating delicious melodious collections of chocolate truffles for others and myself to enjoy is one of my favorite seasonal activities. Once my cohesively colored cobbles are gathered, I am homeward bound for further truffle shuffling.

Deciding which and how many of each go where to whom and how is part of the fun. Presentation is key — many land in special gift containers or onto pretty plates, perhaps along with other appropriate gifty goodys of the day. After the primping and packaging is done I always tuck a few away for a later solo debut — usually during an unexpected, quiet, discriminating moment. Truffles are my go-to with coffee in the morning and my husband and I enjoy them later in the evening as a special after dinner treat. He’s hooked on truffles now and frequents the store more than I!

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