product & package design : soklet


Introducing soklet — a company, product and brand development project incorporating logo design, branding, package design, and an advertising campaign utilizing all general aspects of creating and selling a product. soklet, which means chocolate in melanesian pidgeon (a language spoken in the Solomon Islands) is a product and company developed to engage and employ the people of the Solomon Islands. soklet is a company that believes in supporting and giving back to the very culture from which it harvests its main ingredient — the cocoa bean — for chocolate production.


soklet consists of four main organic products: chocolate shavings, white chocolate shavings, cocoa powder and chocolate sticks with vanilla creme.

Researching the island’s culture, people, art and political scenarios helped associate this new company and its products from within its place of origination. It also served as the connection for the story and purpose of its development and design. Below is a page out of my book that illustrates the ideation, creative and visual exploration from which my final designs grew.


Creating an inspiration board (below) gave me a place to store my gatherings of art and information. In addition to the cultural exploration, I also enjoyed working with colors, shapes, type and my own hand lettering in conjunction with images, ideas and facts.


I chose the word soklet for this company and product based on the culture’s language and a desire to help reduce language, cultural and geographical barriers. To establish soklet as top of mind for advertising and marketing purposes, I created an ad campaign using popular American chocolate quotes and switched out our english word chocolate for the melanesian pidgeon word of same, soklet. Embedding the word soklet into the consumer’s mind created a fun, educational, entertaining and emotional attachment to the word, product and its culture.


To learn more about soklet check out my portfolio or ask to see my 28-page book. And be sure to try out the quick, easy and delicious recipe below. I enjoyed baking and decorating the cupcakes for this photo shoot along with food styling and art directing — truly one of my  favorite projects thus far.


One thought on “product & package design : soklet

  1. Brian

    This is probably the best of all the layouts. Shows a great deal of creativity
    and the packaging is incredible! Logo is very nicely done, and the packaging makes the product very inviting.

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