corporate brand identity : transportland

What a relief when the research, creating and gathering of images and information can finally unite as one entity of work. Here is the list of products I created for my new client, Transportland (spring 2008):

  • Logo design for corporate brand identity
  • Logo style sheet
  • Stationary :  letterhead, business cards, envelopes
  • Billboards : city, industrial and rural
  • Ad Campaign : a series of three advertisements for magazine, newspaper, web
  • Brochure, folded, 2-sides, full color, 11×17
  • Promotional items : lanyard with name badge, key fob, magnets, window decals
  • Website : homepage and interiors


I designed this logo to identify the business. But it is more than just an icon, Transportland is the brand and identity. Incorporating the generic walk icon as the symbol within the logo helps identify the purpose of the business. brochure, billboards, magnet, website and ad campaign demonstrate a consistent theme within which a variety of solutions are prescribed to make a difference as we economize, decongest and repair our current state of travel. The brand and its identity were designed to reflect the structure and professionalism you would expect of a corporate culture while the message and methods stay clear, simple and community friendly.

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