direct mail : zappos



Designing a direct mail piece for using only eight items was a challenge for me. I was glad to have some say in what those eight shoes would be, however, it was really tough deciding which direction to go with from within their rotating inventory of thousands of shoes. Once I narrowed it down to just tennis shoes, it was just as hard choosing only eight from within that category. I narrowed it down to one shoe/style for each member of an entire family. This way I could put more brands up. Even then, tho’ — hard to pick just one each — did you know that has a TON of tennis shoes?

The purpose of this four panel, three-fold mailer was to encourage and promote online shoe purchasing from Might this encourage you to choose the internet for (tennis) shoe shopping?

Below is an outline of my initial proposal, however, old ideas were abandoned to make room for new ones…and I had many. Too many. I reached a point where I just threw them all out and started from scratch again. I am happy with the end result, however, I could easily go back to this project and create more scenarios that would look very different, yet also appeal to my demographic. Thankfully, there just wasn’t enuf time to design and produce more than one of these puppies!

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