poster & logo [re]design : oregon humane society


The assignment in GD151 was to research and design a logo and poster using historical design styles to promote a current company. From a select list, I chose the Oregon Humane Society and was attracted to the De Stijl genre. I picked the impressive Piet Mondrian, who was the prime mover of the De Stijl movement for my inspiration in creating this emulation. His radically abstract paintings executed sole use of primary colors within an effective use of a black and white grid — I am a table and grid fan!


This piece needed to be intriguing while emphasizing the company’s motive. I took photos of our family pets, Ella the pup and Milo the kitty to keep it real, tangible and endearing. I grabbed information off the web and through the Oregon Humane Society to establish the main points of my message. It took awhile to come up with a logo that could cross all genres/styles and represent OHS in both a historic and futuristic manor. OHS has been around since 1868 and will be here, hopefully, to the end of times. Above is the color block version, where I utilized bold colors, yet toned them down so the animals would read as more soft and mellow. Below is my preferred realistic version.

Milo, the kitten’s photo credit goes to Lenny Pichette, who shot this while a junior at University of Oregon. One of his passions is photography and he has graciously shared this photo with me. I am happy to promote these precious little pets as warm, vibrant and lively…just the way our dedicated families and OHS want to keep them!

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