self portrait


In GD151 during my first year of Integrated Media : Graphic Design, this particular assignment was to create a poster incoporating design principles learned earlier in the term, while introducing color and our own image into the piece. Staying in Illustrator, using the pen tool, we were instructed to focus on balance, shape, line and eye flow, adding type within a text/form block. First, I sketched my self portrait using pencil and paper. Tho’ the asignment indicated that this was a graphic design piece, not an illustration, I found the only way for me to stay in touch with the simplification and stylization requirement was to illustrate. My illustrations are always simplified and stylized anyway, so this just seemed a natural approach to take. Addressing the flow of things, I did consider a grid format, but with so many images and the deadline looming, I chose to stay with this version. I would like to create another version, adding a few more images, place them into a grid, and play with more color combinations as well.

My current color choices were to create mood and enhance the concept of my design which is a collection — snippets, if you will, of important people, places, activities and objects in my life from past through present. This collage also represents my future since my tomorrow is based most often on today and yesterday. These snippets represent joy, love and growth…all that have made me me.

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