globio : bring-a-book brochure


This promotional piece was designed to inspire people to use Globio’s Bring-A-Book organization as a source for getting books into the hands of children in other countries. The brochure shown here is a two-sided, three-panel, two-fold lettersize piece formatted for horizontal panels. The third panel is perforated so donors can do a quick tear-off and submit necessary information along with their check. I chose to leave the donation form white giving the eye relief while drawing attention to the panel. It also keeps the paper uncoated — perfect for non-smearing ball point pen use.

While choosing a full color panel palette to celebrate the multitude of culture and colors of our children, I also decided to keep the layout very simple, structured and corporate in order to promote the feeling of trust and professionalism among current and potential contributors. I love designing for children, however, when the adults and their checkbooks come to play it’s time to elevate the level of design and appeal. Not for the piece to look more expensive, rather the company well-managed. Perhaps a subtle way to increase the amount and frequency of donations.


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