aiga : redesign

gd2_millerb_AIGA_Page_1Here is a redesign project from fall term 2008. It was interesting and challenging to take an image/logo such as this one for AIGA that has much history, reverance and purpose and twist something fresh, current and easy out of it. By easy I mean easy on the eye, easy on it’s applicabilities and easy to live with for awhile — which is what the original designer had accomplished by starting with a nice ‘n easy square several years ago.

gd2_millerb_AIGA_Page_5During this process I seized an opportunity to explore the elementary and educational aspect of AIGA’s logo design potential. I’ve enjoyed my experiences with children and art and have been fortunate enough to work with teachers who’ve encouraged and allowed me to direct art projects during class time. It’s from these experiences that I was inspired to take AIGA’s adult-friendly image and make a kid-friendly version. In keeping with easy shape design, I added simplistic swirls to allow each shapes to communicate its letter. I wonder if AIGA would be a fan…

In this post I share two of the five pages of my work and ideas — be sure to check out my mini flip book of this project for more about this process thru

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