ads & signs


Here is an ad that I resurrected from one of my older portfolios. It’s tricky deciding how best to integrate my past into my present without jeopardizing my future during an interview or client presentation. Supply One was both a client and employer of mine and I learned a lot about advertising, signmaking, managing co-op dollars and creating a consistant image throughout a local six-store retail chain. I wonder if, at some point, there may be a rebirth of this style of advertising — if so, I am ready!

I am always surprised to have a particular piece, style or project that speaks to someone particularly — and it’s often a piece I nearly tossed out or added in last minute as part of my editing process for each presentation. For example, the signs above were part of a page I quickly added into my portfolio just before a critique. I wanted to squeeze in a few pieces of my older work to see what should stay, what should go. During my critique, and to my surprise/delight, my interviewer really appreciated my brushwork skills and suggested I find a cohesive way to incorporate my sign work into the look and flow of my process — nice!

Above are a few retail ads I did for Raley’s Supermarket/Superdrug store chain in California. It was an incredible time — we were on the cutting edge of changing our ad production process. We traded in our exacto knives, rubylith and type galleys for the new Macintosh computer. We switched from cut ‘n paste to hitting the print button knocking out hundreds of pages of ads per month. I keep these ads for two reasons: one, to remind me of how far we had come in just a few short years, and two, to remember the good times, great people and  superb company I had the privilege of working for — I hope to find that again someday. BTW: My spring cleaning ad for Raley’s turned into a nice surprise for my boss when it appeared in an article focused on theme merchandising in the Progressive Grocer magazine!

Below are a few ads, logo designs and spec work I did for the Oregonian newspaper:

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