mhccim portfolio show 2009

IM Portfolio Show

Above is the final postcard (front) that was mailed and handed out as we invited others in to share and show our years of impressive integrated media works. As the postcard indicates, we had projects on display from all four mediums and from both first and second year students within MHCC’s Integrated Media Program. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to help and work on several facets of this event. Here I share bits and pieces of the designing process with you. It all started with the postcards and posters…


Above was one of my first submissions. My idea was to focus on the new im logo. I felt that branding was key and since this was a new image we should have it everywhere on everything, ‘cuz, that’s just how my advertising mind has worked for many years…but, maybe I was jumping the gun on this one. Chris, our advisor felt we should not hard hit the logo so much since it is new and not so familiar yet and focus more on the portfolio show itself. The im logo was too big and we should reconsider whether making the poster’s image a focus on typography — does that actually serve all IM mediums? Good points (dang it), so back to the drawing board.

Above and below are two designs I submitted when Chris indicated an interest in my sketched concepts using the color palette from within Photoshop. I do have a tendency to hit the computer running sometimes and skip the sketching part of my ideation process. However, usually, more ideas come through when I take the time to explore, imagine, and just think/sketch. So, these two designs came from a more in-depth exploration of other key interface elements within CS3. The design above incorporated the Kuler digital swatch book, the design below simply the Photoshop color palette itself…


For both postercard/poster proposals I wanted to personalize the interface and graphic images — give them our voice, titles and identities. I did this by replacing the tabs using abbreviations from MHCC’s course catalogs, ie., DP (Digital Photography), GD (Graphic Design), RB (Radio/Broadcast) and TV (Television/Video)…Basic RGB would soon be replaced with IM Students and the list goes on from there as to how we could further personalize it.


This last image above was a culmination of Chris and I refining the image and information.  Soon it was looking finished and ready to send off to press. However, after further review and input, it seemed that maybe this particular event poster should have even more interface value to it — hence, scurrying back to the other design which incorporated more of the Adobe Creative Suite environment from which we generate so much of our work in graphic design. The following week we put out the final version as shown at the top of this post — something representative, effective and integrative that hit mailboxes, got stashed in purses/pockets, were tacked onto bulletin boards and etched onto calendars as many made plans to attend.

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