u&lc : UPPER & lower case

ulcI used to subscribe to this impressive typography publication many years ago and still have several old issues from the early 90’s — wish I’d have kept more. One issue I recently resurrected from my garaged flat files is the 1992 issue celebrating the 200th anniversary of the United States Bill of Rights. Articles inside addressed artistic freedom for all, the recognition and protection of type designers, and censorship. The featured type designer was R. Hunter Middletown, “an important, not famous type designer”. The letter ‘s’ was another feature and given its own typographic page and artistic treatment.

What I always appreciated most in reading this pub was their dedication to giving font credits at the bottom of every page/article. It helped me discover and learn more about which fonts I liked, some great ways to use them and which type families played well with others.

So, I had hoped to take a photo of a few pages from this issue to post, but it appears my camera has quit working no matter how many rounds of batteries I put in it. In the meantime, check out U&lc when you get chance, it’s still a great resource for typography info, ideas and purchases.

One thought on “u&lc : UPPER & lower case

  1. chris

    I’ve got dozens of old U&LC issues in the library off the 1392 lab, in the cupboard below the bookshelves. I’ve hauled those around for 30 years now!

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