design : at the nines

Photoshoot? Let’s go! In Digital Photography this winter, we were handed a field assignment that sent us off shooting from the hip, literally. We were required to pick a place or area within Portland that would attract people to visit Oregon. We were instructed to capture the spirit, beauty, interests and/or story within our photograph(s). Tasha, Diana and I agreed on the Nines, a distintive luxury hotel and restaurant in downtown Portland. None of us had ever been there so this was a fun first for all.

Our roles were as follows: Diana was the photographer (using her brand new Nikon), Tasha would handle all of the photo retouching after the shoot and I was elected art director (and driver). Diana grabbed Caitlyn on the way out as both friend and camera support and we hit the road. Herewith are some of the shots we chose for the final cut. We photographed over 300 images, ate a delicious lunch in the Nine’s Urban Farmer Restaurant while touring one of the nicest hotels in Oregon — all within two hours…welcome to Portland!

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