my portfolio is my voice


The snippet above from is yet another reminder of the importance of my portfolio. My portfolio is my voice. It comes along with me to every client presentation and every interview. It speaks to people in ways I could never. And as I grow, it grows. I agree with Jami Hoffman, senior creative recuiter for Facebook when she says that a portfolio speaks volumes. Every image within it tells a story that only the viewer can hear. I’ve always wished I could be a mindreader once the pages start turning. It is up to me to corroborate, continue and possibly even correct the information thus planted. I try to verbally serve my work justice as well, but it can be tough when racing against the clock. As I make my way through the creative, organizational and technical processes that comes with incessantly [re]creating it, I hope to keep notes on the side so memory will never fail me. Some of my work happened many moons ago. Below are samples of some of my less recent work:

Designed and produced this 4-page tab for a 65-store supermarket/superdrug chain in the 90's
Designed and produced this ROP for an ad agency's client
i hand-made thousands of ad signs like these for a chain of six Sacramento area hardware stores

a sampling of my calligraphy as listed on the font sheet of a Sacramento typehouse
one of a series of ads for a Portland area family photographer

poster & series of illustrations I designed/produced for a grade school fundraiser
Designed and produced this brochure for a Portland area furniture retailer
New ad format I designed and produced weekly for a northwest furniture retailer kids' division
My logo design for the original group who initiated the creation of Gradin Park in Gresham, OR
Designed this flyer for the Oregonian promoting the Northwest Jobs Fair
Art directed the photo shoot then produced this ad using QuarkXpress
I created this logo design with stationary and a brochure for a daycare center as it prepared for expansion in the Sacramento area

I must say, there was a certain ease and glory many years ago when one could just slap a few tearsheets nice and neatly onto a piece of crescent board and voilà!

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