group creatives | seasons


Here is one of my first group projects during 1st year, winter term MHCCIM. The purpose was to create, as a group, a cohesive series of four designs that extend the emotions of each of the four seasons using design, type and a color palette.


Our group was Amber (fall), Vadim (winter), Gaby (summer) and I (spring). During our brainstorming session we talked about elements, emotions, message and feeling of colors. We chose a 9×16 format, sketched out an overall design, then each went to work on our individual panels. We decided on a ‘no line weights allowed’ approach to stay more stylized. We defined our color palette along the way and each chose a different type heading that could sit complementary to each panel and each other as well.

What I appreciated about the outcome of this project was the fact that none of us knew each other at all in the beginning. We’d only been in class together for a few months and had not developed our voice in class or with each other yet. Clearly, each of us were coming into this with our own vision, interpretation of the assignment, experience, talent, skill level…and ego. Impressively, we worked through this piece with good timing, solid execution, a sense of  accomplishment and a certain level of success.

During this project, I enjoyed getting to know Amber, Vadim and Gaby a bit more and appreciated what each of them brought to the table. I grew a bit more within Illustrator and had a good time creating trees, flowers, swings and birds. This is the kinda stuff I used to draw as a kid. I miss that.

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