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Who doesn’t love good food? Food is an art all and of itself. I enjoy cooking, baking, and serving it up nicely. I love stumbling upon new2me fab food places, be it a restaurant, street vendor, grocery store or farmer’s market. Growing up I discovered many of my now favorite dishes in someone else’s kitchen — my grandmother’s, my mom’s or my friends’. I was blessed with many a dinner invite and/or outing with neighborhood friends and their families!

So, with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, it’s time to ponder and plan plates of poblanos with egg and cheese (chile rellenos), shredded cooked chicken tacos sprinkled with tomatoes, cilantro and cotija cheese…and I’ll have to revisit my favorite recipes of tortilla soup, carnitas, chile verde, enchiladas and arroz con pollo. !Muy bien!

As I searched online for more great mexican dishes I found these delicious photographs from Yerba Buena, located in SF and NYC. Check out for a glimpse into a really nice latin restaurant and bar. Three of their dishes are shown above— I’d love to try those! For more inspiration on nice food photography, check out: and for a few how2tips on shooting food, go to

Lastly, for a quick mex fix I’ll hit my anytime fav, Taco Bell. When in Eugene, it’s Burrito Boy, when in Sacramento, you’ll find me picking up Jimboys Tacos or dining in at El Novillero.  Here in Gresham/Troutdale, Brian and I like (El)Tapatio.  Still looking for the best mexican food in Portland…

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