revisions, revisions, revisions…oh, my!


“How do i revise thee, let me count the ways…”

“The students were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of revisions danced thru their heads…”

“Four score and several revisions ago…”

“I have a dream that my many little projects will one day live in a portfolio where they will not only be judged by the type and colors on their page but by their contents and their characters.”

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others…Revision is the task of changing what is visible to others.”

Ok, this is crazy — I am even revising quotes from others to define this term, that’s how intense and addicting revising one’s work can be! And, I must confess, I can be my own worst revisionary. If given enuf time and opportunity, I can redo an ad or promo 50 different ways, so I am very thankful for deadlines. And this is the term where it’s all about revising our work to get it to its primo state of being before we show it to potential clients and employers — and I am overwrought with suggestions/ideas of revising possibilities. And I am not the only one. Others are suffering from the effects of our revisory board, too. So, the changes — I will do some. Maybe most. But not all. I gave and I gave and I gave in the beginning. And I gave even more in the middle. And I gave again thru the first end. And I will give to the final end. But, soon it must be finished. El Final. La Fin. The End.

2 thoughts on “revisions, revisions, revisions…oh, my!

    • barbaradavidsonmiller

      Thanks again for the fun and great photos of this product. You and Steven are credited in my soklet book!

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