portfolio nite @ office pdx


Last nite was “How to Create a Killer Portfolio” nite at Office PDX. Recommended by our advisors, we set out to experience, absorb and learn from this outside professional hub of info — “we” being Tasha, Sheryl, Annie, Frankie, Michelle, Chelsea and I. The Office is a nice little spot on Alberta Street where one can root and roam around for some cool art and design goods. A few of us were lucky enuf to grab a seat on the comfy green sofa while others sat in nice, black folding chairs for a little less than an hour.

We listened to Brian Rupp from Rumblefish and Mike Klein from adidas. Both shared what they each look for in a portfolio, what turns them on/off, a bit about themselves, how they got to where they are and some information about their company and its culture. After that, we had opps to network, shop and chat amongst ourselves as we processed our new and not so new tidbits of info. I, personally, was relieved to hear that much of what they look for is actually in our portfolios now. All that work, and, yes Virginia, there is an Art Director/Client out there looking just for you!! What Brian and Mike said they look for are: reliability, raw talent, diversity in styles, crossover skills, good character, awareness of brands…and both agree — you must bring your ‘A’ game! Good advice. However, I was curious as to why no one had brought ‘A’ portfolio to show and tell…? I would have enjoyed seeing their work.

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