creative [s]pillage : IM290

As I poured my last two years’ worth of projects representing the blood, sweat, and tears of the five terms before out onto the table today for a major portfolio crit, it was amazing to see just how much work I (we all) had done.  What a booty to beholden to — and this wasn’t all of it! The time has come to edit and say good-bye to the weakest pieces while preparing the strongest for their starring roles in the mhccim gallery, my blog, print portfolio and future website. Some are a little easier to bottle back up, perhaps rarely to be drunken in by others, while the favorites please the general palate for awhile; yet run the risk of becoming stale — rotation is key.

I do get attached to my work, so it’s good to have honest, objective feedback from peers, advisors and professionals. At the end of the day, however, it will be all about ‘Joe Client’ and what he/she likes — most of whom will not hold design degrees.
Best of luck/many prayers for success to us all as we market and share our creative selves with others soon!

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