happy valentine’s day ’09

Creating a special Valentine’s Day card for Brian this year was a blast for me!  While at the hardware store two weeks prior to the big day, I ditched the boys to go play alone in the nuts and bolts aisle. As I had been thinking about my initial message and theme, I hadn’t really honed in on how I would execute my idea. When Brian and Kevin caught up with me, I had them help finalize choices. They had no clue what I was up to and could not figure out why I needed all these little steel guys…mum’s the word!

Two days before Valentine’s Day, my idea grew into a plan. I used my newly acquired/still developing digital photography skills to create and shoot a scene, applied my message with a little bit of type design (all in Photoshop) and made my own e-card — yep, yep, yep — tada!!

I shot the nuts and bolts in various configurations, jimmied with the lighting and changed out backgrounds. I started with the steel on a white background and ended with steel on corkboard. The cold of the steel against the warmth of the cork seemed like a nice complementary contrast.  I chose Impact for the font to reiterate the feel of masculinity and used white for type color. Boasting my final message with a red heart and band on opposite sides of the card in red stayed within tradition of the holiday color.

So, on the day of, while he was puttering away on his pc, I shot Brian an email with above jpeg attached.  He was surprised, smiled and enjoyed the e-card with its sentiment and cheesy humor.  I followed up with a mini-heart-patterned cello bag filled with the steel nuts & bolts and silver candy kisses alongside a small heart-shaped box of chocolates.

We both enjoyed each others’ gifts that day — concidentally Brian had sent me THE cheesiest e-card from some website earlier and gave me four huge, decadent chocolate truffles from Michelle’s along with a nice Hallmark card. Together, we fondly remembered our very first date — it was a Saturday nite, February 14, 1981…we met while both working for a local lumber/hardware chain! fate4sure :)

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