shape, line, texture : digital photography

Week three in January our assignment was to photograph images that featured color, shape, lines and texture —converting one to black and white with its focus on just shapes, lines and texture.
My cat, Oliver was my subject of choice as I caught him in the backyard basking in the rare sunshine this time of year.  I dangled my camera strap to lure him closer and get him into good positions while taking his picture. It was cold and windy, but I kept shooting, intrigued by the colors and linear patterns on Oliver’s fur and its striking similarity to that of the cat loft post. Oliver is a great camera cat, so it took only a few shots to get this one. I love Oliver’s expression and pose, the blend of patterns, textures and colors creating an interesting and complementary relationship. I was happy with the end result that both the color and black/white photos produced.
After choosing the best shot, I took it into Photoshop and bumped up the saturation a bit to enhance the depth of the colors. I toyed with some of the other features in Photoshop, but tried to stay pretty true to the original image.  Converting to black and white, I adjusted the curves to gain further intensity within the grayscale.  I am looking forward to coming back to these photos experimenting even further in Photoshop as I learn more through this class.

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