guys & dolls poster

First, let me say that I have been nothing but a thinking, researching, collaborating, evaluating, skill-building, designing, producing, communicating, selling machine these past three months! On this blog I post just a sampling of the work that gets churned out each term. As I prepped for our IM291 final last week, going through each project and remembering the hours, days, weeks and months spent on most, I realized just how sponge-like our class has been — absorbing information, letting it soak in and then squeezing out artistic design visuals as appealing, effective forms of communication. With fall term now tucked away, winter break is well-earned and deserved!


Our final in IM291 was to design and present an 11×17 poster to our new client, Mt. Hood Theatre of Arts Director, Rick Zimmer. He gave us a briefing on his upcoming “Guys and Dolls” musical production and we quickly began orchestrating our ideas using pen, paper, and mouse.  I had never seen the play or movie, so Tasha lent me her dvd starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra — I really liked it! During the movie, I sketched a few drawings then referred to my notes from Rick’s briefing to merge my ideas with his information.

This poster was produced in Illustrator CS3, using the pen, type, and shape tools — first in black and white, then a few color versions. My color combinations were inspired by our local high school spirit clubs. I started with black and white ‘cuz in my world everything must look good in b/w first. Then I moved on to our local high school colors: blue/white for Gresham Hi, blue/gold for Sam Barlow Hi, and finally, red /black to represent Mt. Hood. I envisioned these posters displayed proudly and prominently in each of the school’s hallways, windows and cafeterias generating excitement, awareness and attendance.


On the day of finals, our posters played quite the symphony of diverse, melodic and visual emotions for Rick to be swayed by. It was awesome to see over 20 posters on the wall, each with its own voice and vision of the same message.  I wish I’d had my camera. Now we anxiously await to hear who will be chosen for the starring role on the wall stages of campus, local businesses and high schools.

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