great american smokeout event | IM291

Working with SAB (Student Activities Board) members to promote some of their special campus events at and for Mt. Hood Community College was a great way for us to interact with other MHCC students pertaining to something outside of our regular classroom environment. Plus having access to our counterpart photography students’ skills for photo shoots this time around was another interactive way for us to ‘get out’ while allowing our design skills to come through yet another creative channel.

This poster design for the Great American Smoke Out event is a result of our initial brainstorming session with our SAB leader, Amber, our assigned photographer, Jen and we three GD designers. After Sheryl, Jared, Jen and I discussed the layout and composition, I focused on font and text solutions, while Jen took the photo, Sheryl created the voucher and Jared illustrated the turkey in the ice cube.  It was exciting to see all of our ideas and work come together in this one piece.  We delivered the final product on time, within budget to our client and she was very pleased. Visit for more poster designs.

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