series of illustrations : school fundraiser

For the first two terms in college I began to wonder if I was enroute to becoming a one trick pony — worried that my Integrated Media portfolio would soon beg the question: “can she do anything in colors other than black, white and green?” The answer is yes!

However, my carnival project for the grade school was not done in class. I was able to donate time, skills and equipment during my volunteer days at my kids’ elementary school. So, as I blur the line a bit and squeeze this into the ‘education’ category of this blog I can justify it because it is colorful, bright, happy, fun — and for a school!

I created the elements herewith in Freehand using the Wacom Tablet.  In addition to posters and flyers, the event logo design was printed on tank tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts that were available for purchase prior to the event. I created a series of illustrations used as 24″x30″ booth signs for each activity the day of the event as well. (note: colored paper was used since colored ink was not in the budget)
this is a miniature version of the large activity signs that hung in each game booth

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