flexitarian : eat less meat campaign

Creating this public service campaign was a great opportunity to utilize graphic design, photography and ideation skills while using interactive, integrated digital media to produce and pitch the final product.

As part of a three person team, I helped develop a multi-media public service campaign, starting with an idea, following through with concept development and finalizing with web and print materials.  We chose an issue, researched and debated positions on the issue, created a group name and tag line, developed a logo and theme of identity, wrote a creative brief, designed promotional materials and delivered a creative pitch by team via the web.

Diana, Lisa and I wanted to address the issue of animal abuse and cruelty, particularly addressing the slaughter of animals for food.  This evolved into a more specific interest regarding the health and well being of animals, humans and our environment as well. We considered a guerilla marketing approach initially, but noted that PETA and other animal rights groups using similar types of said approach have turned some people off.  A family-friendly message was what we were after. We also wanted to incorporate a bit of humor, yet recognizing that there is nothing funny about the abuse and destruction of animals.  We decided our goal would be to encourage Americans to consider the benefits of eating less meat; to become flexitarians.  The scope of the campaign was to educate, persuade and direct consumers on the whys and ways they could cut back on their meat intake — to get them thinking about what they are putting on their plate and how it got there.
Our target audience started with food shoppers.  Our ad campaign focused on tips for becoming flexitarian.  A website and/or blog would deliver facts, statistics, and recipes for alternative meal planning.  T-shirts (available for purchase) would become our walking billboards.  City billboards would be strategically placed so that consumers would look for sequential tips as they were driving.
The tone of our public service campaign was serious, yet lighthearted; a simple style with a touch of humor.  The feedback we received was very positive and encouraging. Peers and mentors referred to our campaign as endearing, cute, humorous and effective without being offensive. Please visit our blog at www.flexitarian4life.com for more information.

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