10 things we can do : typography


One of my favorite projects during our first year in MHCCIM was a typography exercise in GD151. Instructions were to design an 11×17 vertical poster in Illustrator using only type. We could select only ONE type family and the headline was to read: 10 Things We Can Do to Stop Global Warming. The text had to contain a numerical list of our choice of 10 things.  The goal was to create emphasis by exploring contrasts of type size, weight, position, spacing, angle, color and case while finessing the tracking, kerning, ligatures, numerals, etc.

It was interesting to surf the web for information on ways to go green. There were so many suggestions — some easy, some challenging. I chose to create a combo list, keeping some of my 10 things on the serious side, some on the light, fun, easy2do side. That way, those who are hesitant or intimidated can still make an effort (and difference) in some small way to start. I could spend all day exploring font families, however, time was of the essence, so I settled on Futura, one of my old favorites. This was a great exercise for developing skills in Illustrator.

This is also the project where I discovered the term flexitarian. Visit my new blog, flexitarian4life for more info!
Note:  As you click on the poster image to enlarge, notice the transparency of the green box over the stacked wallpaper type.

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