spring sale : (e)mail marketing


It’s a spring savings celebration at Celebrate Me Home during the entire month of March! This highly anticipated annual event lures furniture and home decor shoppers in from all across the Northwest. Located just off I-84 in Troutdale, OR, CMH carries a unique collection of distinctive statement pieces that bring comfort and beauty to the place you call home. On the backside, a fun alert is posted regarding the pending Grand Opening of cuddlebugzz, a lovely baby & child boutique. This timely message was delivered in the form of a direct mail postcard, email campaign via MailChimp, facebook cover page and website homepage insert




precious print designs by innocent wisdom on etsy


Helping my daughter, Kristen, set up her Innocent Wisdom mini shop at the Troutdale First Friday Art Walk in October and November has been a fun and rewarding experience. She was able to showcase her work in the front of Celebrate Me Home and sell prints of her original art, featuring children’s prints with Troutdale shoppers. Located on the historic Columbia River Highway in Troutdale, Oregon we have enjoyed beautiful weather, friendly, helpful business owners and wonderful customers. Selling prints (framed and unframed) during our 5-9pm stay has been a great experience that will help Kristen grow her business. Below is a most sweet and precious way to present the lamb and pup prints — we love Columbia River Gallery’s exclusive mat and frame presentation! These are also available for sale, please contact Innocent Wisdom or Columbia River Gallery on how to purchase.


graduation announcement : gresham high school

I was delighted to create these personalized graduation announcements for this impressive high school grad. Kevin’s input and accomplishments made for a fun and focused announcement project. Here is my process:

  1. Buy white cardstock and find oversize envelopes in graduate’s favorite color — in this case, chartreuse.
  2. Select a few distinctive senior portraits of graduate as taken by Lenny Pichette Photography.
  3. List past four year’s worth of graduate’s accomplishments : music, voice, stage and tennis
  4. Design and craft a handsomely unique, personalized announcement highlighting this senior’s accomplishments.
  5. Polish announcements off with coordinating band, then slip into envelopes.
  6. Address, stamp and mail.
  7. Encourage and graciously guide 18 years worth of developed skills, talents and interests into a successful and happy adult!

facebook cover photo : sales event design


So excited to make use of Facebook’s new cover photo guidelines — one can now add special event or promotional information to their photo or image! Following Facebook’s 20% text rule (by using this cool tool) while keeping your photo or design as the main focus can be a bit challenging, but well worth the effort in keeping your main image clean and appealing. Here is my first promotional cover page for Celebrate Me Home, can’t wait to create the next one!

wine tasting cards


I had the pleasure of creating this postcard/handout for one of my favorite local home furnishing stores, Celebrate Me Home. Using the Bamboo Create in Illustrator I drew the wine glasses with the paintbrush tool and filled them with red wine using the pen tool. A fun, stylized image with a purpose — that’s how I like to design. Printing by Leamy Printing.

baby shower invitations


Little lamb, who made thee? Introducing my newest baby shower invitation for our beautiful mom-to-be. Lambs and the color pink were part of her chosen theme, so this invitation honors both.

Using Illustrator to create a more simple graphic style from a purchased piece of clip art I then printed the lamb on pink cardstock and embellished each with a little bling on a small white flower. With exacto knife in hand, I freehanded a wooly cut-out for the white card insert, punched a hole in the opposite end and pulled a white satin ribbon through. Slipping the invitation into a white envelope with flap on the short end ensured that this original and unique invitation design would be delivered with a touch of distinctive flair to friends and family …  Little lamb, God bless thee.

facebook timeline cover : valentine


What makes the heart go pitter patter? A special Valentine just for you! I remember in elementary school how exciting it was to fill out valentine cards on Valentine Eve and drop them into each classmate’s handmade oversized envelope the next day. Seems we never had enough time to open them all at school, so I would rush home and go through my pile at a more leisurely pace to further enjoy the silly sentiment and sweets. Loved it when candy was attached making the day end extra special.

Through the years, I still give out Valentine’s on occasion. When our three children were younger I would leave them each special Valentine treats to discover in the morning or after school. And I always make or give a valentine to my husband. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day several decades ago and it’s been a ♡ marker on my calendar every year since. It seemed befitting to take a pic of our names spelled out in slippery Scrabble order since he and I have enjoyed playing that game ever since our heartful and humble beginnings. Happy Valentine’s Day!